Cosmetics & Bio/Medical Products manufactures cosmetics, bio/medical products through innovative technologies with the aim to develop practical commodities based on its unique ideas.


Tappy Tok-Tok

This is a painless microneedle therapy system (MTS). The micro needles of Tappy Tok-Tok are thinner than a human hair, thereby causing no pain, blood or allergy. Equipped with a spiral groove, it penetrates directly into the skin. Using medical stainless steel and 99.9% gold plated, the micro needles stimulate skin cells to boost collagen for skin regeneration. Certified by CE, FDA, KFDA, GMP, and ISO 13485, Tappy Tok-Tok is widely used for various skin and hair care applications.



ReGenAf is a functional cosmetic for skin care products, designed to use along with Tappy Tok-Tok for better effects. Produced mainly from EGF, FGF, stem cells, and Oriental herbal ingredients, etc., it is good for anti-aging, antiwrinkle, whitening, pigmentation, regeneration, elasticity, moisturization, soothing, and relieving acne. ReGenAf consists of 100% Hydro-gel mask & eye patch, cream, and several ampoules and serums coming in a variety of packages depending on the skin type.



STLONG is a hair care product, designed also to use along with Tappy Tok-Tok for better effects. Produced mainly from Oriental herbal ingredients such as ginseng, green tea, black foods, and various peptides, it is used for hair regrowth, hair-loss prevention, anti-aging for scalp, nutrition supply, and strengthening hair or hair roots, etc. STLONG consists of shampoo, conditioner, eyebrow, and hair ampoules.


Tappy Nyaam Nyaam

This is an all-in-one skin care product with serum and Hydro-gel maskpack. Consisting of four types – Vita Serum (pigmentation / blemish cares / skin vitalityvskin tone-up), Peptide Serum (botox effect, elasticity, anti-wrinkle, antiaging), Reborn Serum (regeneration, healing of damaged & troubled skin, anti-aging), and Mulberry Stem (water bomb, moisturizing, rejuvenation, anti-aging). All types of serums contain whitening factor. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods