Egg Blastoderm pluripotent Bio-Cell Cosmetics cells enable human skin regeneration. When the skin is damaged, the skin sends a regeneration signal to protect itself, thereby promoting cell division and creating new cells. It is the stem cells’ role to send that signal. Therefore, stem cells are the only ingredients that solve the fundamental problems of the skin.
Using the egg pluripotent stem cell for the first time in the world, Sonimedi produced cosmetics containing egg pluripotent stem cells that help human stem cells increase significantly.
Established in 2008 as a mother company of the Oriental Bioscience Research Institute, Sonimedi is involved in OEM – manufacturing and production, ODM – new material and formulation development, and OBM – brand development, with its own R&D and systematic production lines to manufacture cosmetics. Sonimedi is contracted for major national projects and various technical alliances, research and development, and B2B/B2G partnership-based technology development and manufacturing/production at home and abroad.


Everyday Ovaco / Egg Stem Cell

Egg blastoderm pluripotent stem cells are safe and work effectively with human stem cells. More importantly, pluripotent stem cells provide superior skin improvement results incomparable to adult stem cells. The Egg Blastoderm Pluripotent Cell solution helps restore your skin’s natural 28-day turnover cycle, promote collagen growth to boost natural volume and tighten skin, and reduce under-eye lines and wrinkles providing volume with self-generated collagen to enhance skin resilience and decrease wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.


Skin Turnover Mechanism & Regeneration Signal (RS)

Sonimedi sources pluripotent stem cells from blastoderms of fertilized eggs of wild red jungle fowls. The pluripotent stem cells extracted in an undifferentiated active state develop into Sonimedi’s revolutionary antiaging multipotent stem cell solution. The patent-registered multipotent solution is proven to energize human stem cells for radically producing healthy new skin cells. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods