Fermentation Cosmetics


Wish Formula

Cotterang Inc. is a bio-venture company that focuses on researching and developing functional cosmetics based on fermentation science. The company currently supplies Wish Formula to more than 1,000 renowned dermatological clinics and hospitals. Cotterang is your skin specialist providing optimized product programs per skin type. It provides customized skin care programs with multiple steps for individuals in order to revitalize their skin, as if they got skin care from a clinic every day.
Fermentation cosmetics are made by natural processing, unlike other chemical cosmetics. Without any chemical processing, they maximize active ingredients in nature while removing harmful toxins and allergy-inducing materials. In addition, since they are degraded into smaller sizes through fermentation, they have a higher skin absorption rate delivering a larger effect of active ingredients to the skin. Fermentation cosmetics are a focal point of the best skin care technology which enhances development of the skin’s immune system to help keep skin firm and healthy.


C200 Bubble Peeling Pad

C200 bubble peeling pad removes dead skin cells, waste and fine dust and helps the skin deeply absorb vitamin C and fermented extracts from vegetables to maintain skin clear and transparent with the application of a dual peeling system, which consists of a patented fermented peeling solution and a peeling pad. This is a smart peeling product for anybody who wants a professional skin care program (peeling and vitamin) with ease and convenience.


Ampoule Pad SeriesImPro Ample Pad-C is a disposable sparkle ample pad that fuses 10% of vitamin C with the pad, which includes pure vitamin C and is excellent for whitening, antioxidant effect and regeneration.


Dayday 365 All-in-one Boosting Pad Mask is an all-in-one multi-care pad mask that removes dead skin cells and serum and provides moisture and nutrients to sparkling skin with both peeling and moisturizing.

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