Industrial Safety Gloves Major Glove Corp. has been manufacturing industrial gloves with over 40 years of accumulated experience and technology since starting in research and development of gloves for special work in 1969. Incorporated In 1997, the company grew to become a leading industrial glove manufacturer in Korea through steady investment in production facilities and technological development and accomplished an export value of US$30 million in 2010. With an annual production capacity of 80 million pairs, SHINSUNG produces PU-, NBR- and latexcoated gloves on an industrial scale and has exported its products through global distribution networks.
Since 1997, SHINSUNG has been actively utilizing polyurethane, NBR, latex and other coating materials in work gloves to mass-produce RJ, NBR, and latex-coated gloves, and has been recognized for its high quality by obtaining CE certification. Its products are exported worldwide.
SHINSUNG has developed a line of safety gloves using special yarns with high cutting strength such as Dyneema, HPPE, Glassfibef, Kevlar, and supplies them to domestic and overseas markets. In 2005, the company launched its Vision 2015 Technology Development Strategy and invested in R&D to develop environmentally friendly materials through waterbased PU and foam NBR coating technology. SHINSUNG also developed GripMaster coating technology to provide users with an optimal grip for various work environments and eco-friendly basalt materials that can replace expensive special yarns.


Eco Gripmaster® Dark Grey Nylon-spandex Liner Black Eco Gripmaster Palm Coated Gloves

Eco Gripmaster® is made by using innovative and eco-friendly coating technologies – coated with PUD, a water-based PU – with a micro trimming finish on palm. This product can be ideally used in food processing, handling vegetables, fruit, and meat, etc., as well as machinery handling such as automotive assembly or on dry parts Reusable and washable, it is DMF and silicone free and has a comfortable and fl exible grip and extra-high abrasive resistance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods