Premium Cosmetics & Skin Care Products launching an online and offl ine distribution and wholesale business for famous Korean cosmetics in 2015, PFD Co., Ltd. is successfully diversifying its business areas to fashion, health food, medical devices, and quasi-drugs. Expanding from domestic to overseas trade, PFD diligently works on the global online marketing business based on more than 100 online sites in Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe.


Water Volume EX Cream (MIZON)

MIZON is a water volume EX cream to fundamentally eliminate dry skin problems by providing powerful moisturizing effects. The moist, aqua gel formula felt at the fingertips is gently absorbed into the skin, providing a fresh look to dry skin and keeps the skin feeling smooth and silky.


Relax Day Body Oil Wash

This is a double-layered body oil wash that cleanses the skin and leaves a moisturizing effect by using the hydration secret of Villajoo 11 Factory. Combined with three moisturizing oils and three moisturizing extracts – coconut oil, argentagranel oil,drumstick seed oil with fern leaf extract, green tea extract – it makes the body feel moist, smooth, and healthy.
Devil’s Claw is a rare plant that rarely grows in poor soil, and has long been used as a folk remedy by African indigenous peoples. This herb is designated as a protected plant and is extremely restricted for two months of the year. It helps with strong moisturizing, improving skin health and vitality, and making up for nutritional deficiencies.


Mild Solution Inner Mist (Dr. Myer’s)

Easy to carry, anytime and anywhere, Dr. Myer’s is designed to prevent unpleasant odors from women’s Y zone and provide natural flavor. A wide range of botanical ingredients contained such as extracts of wormwood and plantain help maintain immediate moisture supply and moisturization. By applying a reverse spray system which can be applied more easily, Dr. Myer’s maintains the fresh condition of the Y zone without any discomfort and inconvenience. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods