The Art of Korean Mother-of-Pearl Celebrates Its Second Prime[INQ. NO. 1710C44] Cabinets inlaid with mother-of-pearl, which had been placed in Korean houses since olden days, not only showed off utmost glamor but were also seen as a symbol of wealth. Lee Young-ok, CEO of JINJOOSHELL, has been researching and developing the technology to craft mother-of-pearl over three generations. The company is now leading the new trend of mother-of-pearl craftsmanship by adding freshness and youthfulness to it.
Located in Bukchon, Seoul, one of the most popular tourist destinations for foreigners, JINJOOSHELL’s showroom stocks sublime Korean lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl, the fruit of ingenious techniques by which the shells pearly lining is harvested and incorporated into other items using traditional methods. The designs, crafted with the utmost finesse, are as varied as the possible uses: jewelry boxes, pen holders, business card holders, mirror frames, a plethora of stands, cases, ashtrays, furniture, and many more.
There are two ways of coloring mother-of-pearls: to gently coat colors on the back of the shell; and to immerse it in water as in dyeing a cloth. JINJOOSHELL lets the color penetrate into the mother-of-pearl, using a patented technology. Thus, the glamorous aurora glow unique to the mother-of-pearl can be kept semi-permanently without fading.
JINJOOSHELL has contributed to the modernization of mother-of-pearl through a variety of designs and artworks based on its own research and development. It is not only limited to classical decoration but also broadened the scope of once-declining lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl in collaboration with various industries such as architecture, interior, finance, and beauty.
JINJOOSHELL has signed an exclusive contract with Kookmin Card, one of the major financial institutions in Korea to supply mother-of-pearl card cases, and has collaborated with LG Household & Health Care Ltd. to produce cosmetic cases, which were initially produced in a limited edition of 100,000 units and later extended to 300,000 units due to the massive response received after launch.
JINJOOSHELL is leading the second prime of the Korean mother-of-pearl industry by infusing life into it to give birth to products that will be closely bound up with our lives rather than leaving mother-of-pearl only as a part of tradition. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods