Eco-friendly PE-free Food Packaging Inc. is specialized in manufacturing environment-friendly coating color, coated paper, and finished products and produces PE-free food packaging paper with a wide, yet deep range of knowledge and experience in technology. Its eco-friendly PE-free packaging is 100% repulpable and biodegradable as well as microwavable thanks to its excellent heat resistance. Currently, the coatings are exported to Lecta, Spain.



RP-203 and RP-303 are environment-friendly PE-free coating agents for papermaking by acrylate-based copolymerization. Satisfying the food packaging safety standards of KFDA, FDA and LFGB, these water-soluble emulsions can be used for paper cotters.
REPA-300 and REPA-350 are water-coated papers with functions including water and oil resistance, sealability, moldability, and environment friendliness.
EGC-8, EGP-180, and EGT-18 are food containers made of eco-friendly coated papers which come in various types including paper cups, paper plates and paper trays. In particular, they are 100% recyclable and fully available for natural decomposition and have excellent heat resistance; hence they can be used in a microwave oven.


Introducing rePAPER’s Technology

Water-soluble coatings of rePAPER Inc. can replace conventional PE coatings and overcome the limitations of PLA, featuring both proper heat-sealing performance and releasability. Coating is not only applicable to one or double side, but also can be performed a tthickness of 6-15 g/㎡ at a maximum speed of 320m/min.


Features of rePAPER’s Coating

rePAPER’s coated papers are 100% recyclable, bioꠓdegradable, and harmless to nature. Unlike other PE-coated products, rePAPER’s products do not change form or melt into food at the temperature of 150 to 200°C in a microwave oven. Therefore, it is proven that rePAPER’s products are microwavable.

Its excellent disintegration has been confirmed by comparative experiment with anaerobes. DIN CERTCO Certification is in progress to officially get its disintegration mechanism certified. rePAPER’s products are also easily degradable in landfills and emit no harmful gas when burned. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods