Food Ingredients a subsidiary of JEY’S F.I. a specialized food additive company, JSM FOOD Inc. has grown its business through a global network of about 300 domestic food companies including mid-sized companies. The company focuses its R&D activities on the development and stabilization of new products including specialized natural colorants, emulsifying colorants, flavors, emulsifiers and stabilizers, preservatives, and functional materials.
Recently, JSM FOOD launched the Cafe Estrella brand offering a variety of café drinks and desserts as well as developing finished food products based on long experience and expertise in food materials. Technical consulting is available for all the processes from food-base materials to finished products. Its customized service ranges from providing ideas to production.


Food Additives

JSM FOOD’s food additives including natural coloring, flavoring, emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, and functional ingredients are produced by using a distinctive technology.


Cafe Powder

This product is a powdered product of a new concept for customers to enjoy café beverages and desserts anytime and anywhere. A variety of cafe desserts include latte, fruit ade, yogurt, smoothie, ice cream, jelly, and soup. In particular, healthy food ingredients such as fiber, vitamin, and probiotics are used. Cafe Estrella Cafe Powder consists of latte powder to make cafe drinks such as latte, fruit ade and yogurt, and dessert powder for pudding, jelly and dessert base, etc.


Food and Beverage

It includes functional beverages such as red ginseng beverage, sport beverage, soup, and fruit ade. Based on the long experience in food additives, JSM FOOD is capable of developing not only food materials but also finished products while customizing and providing technical consulting. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods