Industrial Packaging Bags PNS Corporation was established in 1988 and started as a small manufacturer. With continuous efforts to deliver on customers’ expectations, it has become a leading bag manufacturer and gained a high reputation as a reliable supplier for domestic and international markets. To expand its markets, Tianjin Shinil Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, which is 100% owned by the Korean HQ.
The company has been able to acquire ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 certifications and a lot of other patents in Korea. Additionally, the newest paper bag production line from Germany was installed to replace the old version last year. It is specialized in producing various industrial packaging bags such as polypropylene bags, polyethylene bags (FFS bags), paper bags (pasted valve bags) and Kraft paper with PP woven bags. In sum, it offers total solutions regarding packaging.


A Leading Manufacturer of Various Industrial Packaging Bags

PP S/W paper bag (K/P laminated with woven bag) features various weaving density with 7-9 mesh/inch and denier (700-1020 denier),waterproofing, packing feasibility and durability from impact. Kraft paper can be laminated on both the inside and outside, visualizing different images by choosing different colors of paper, either white or brown. Insertion of PE film or aluminum liner for better blocking of water, humidity and air penetration is available. It is suitable for chemicals, fertilizer, animal feed, sugar,etc.
Pasted valve bags feature various combinations of paper grammage and layers of Kraft paper. Step cut can deliver excellent sealing and durability as well. The bottom width ranges from 80 to 290mm. PE-coated paper on PE film insertion can decrease water and moisture penetration. Easy opening application is also available. It is suitable for fine powder chemicals, flour, cement, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods