Red Clay Far-infrared Radiation Dry & Wet Heat Chair[INQ. NO. 1710C02] In the past, ancestors of the Korean people used to cook with burning firewood. In the process, far-infrared radiation became available naturally. This inspired the development of this red clay far-infrared radiation heat chair by DOOYOUNG. After much trial and error, it was launched as a medical appliance in August 2006.

Red Clay for General Distribution (DYB-550)
DYB-550 is hand-made and carefully designed high-quality red clay with 20-hour plasticity. It is mainly for general distribution use for sales.
This red clay far-infrared radiation dry and wet heat chair is designed for people who long for the full efficacy of Oriental medicine.
When used as a wet type, the medicine will soak deep inside the body to remove women’s ailments and abdominal fat, and fumigation will give better results as good medicinal materials and steams are added. Moreover, the red clay products do not emit environmental hormones or harm the human body. It is highly mobile and convenient and its bowl is also large enough and easy to wash.

Luxurious Type (DYB-650)
This luxurious type red clay far-infrared radiation-dry and wet heat chair. It is a handmade and carefully designed highquality red clay with 20-hour plasticity. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods