SAMTECH Master Batch Corp. is a leading master batch manufacturer in Korea. The company has been providing local and international plastics industries with color concentrates, additive master batches and specialty compounds since 1986. Continuous investment in new equipment and renovation of technology played an important role in achieving monthly production capacity of 2,000 tons of quality SAMTECH brand master batches.
In its laboratory, conducting R&D essential for growth, the specific needs of each application are identified and extensive development projects are carried out. Evaluation is performed using state-of-the-art testing equipment and machines for optimal performance by an expert team of specialized engineers. They work with dedication to ensure timely development of new products.
Quality, the most important factor, is assured through constant quality checks in all stages of production. Strict specifications are set and production samples are tested accordingly. Thus, Samhwa has been able to win trust and confidence of its customers. SAMTECH master batches are tailored for each customer to meet their specific requirements.


Color Master Batch and Additive Master Batch

Master batch, also called concentrate, is a term used in the plastics industry to denote a pelletized plastic material containing highly loaded pigments and/or additives that are used in a polymer system to change the final color and/or properties of a plastic part. There are basically two kinds of master batches – color master batch, and additive master batch. Color master batches are used by the plastic converters to give various colors to their plastic products. Additive master batches are also used by the plastic converters to provide their products with special properties like antioxidant, antistatic, conductive, flame retarding and ultra-violet stabilizing properties. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods