Functional Skin Care Products Co., Ltd. has been researching and developing cosmetic materials and supplying them to Amore Pacifi c’s premium lines such as Sulwhasoo, and to LG Care and Loreal.With approximately 60~70 patented technologies, ACT has introduced its own brand, AQUTOP in 2016. Currently, the company is concentrating on the global market, in particular, in China and Southeast Asia with the aim to be a global cosmetics company.



It is a freeze-dried essence with minimized active ingredients. Freeze drying refers to the process to quick-freeze and dehydrate highly concentrated nutrient essence, thus stabilizing the pure skinvitalizing active ingredients without any loss and turning into a ball shape.
This highly concentrated skincare product contains about 5.6 billion capsules per a topping ball. Containing swallow’s nest extract instead of purified water, it makes the skin glowing and elastic.



Developed by ACT, Celbioniqu is innovative facial water that is most similar to moisture in the human skin, so absorbs various effective substances into the skin more rapidly compared to purified water providing synergy effects with other ingredients.
Dual Effect Signature Tone-Up Water is a whitening toner that makes the skin texture smooth. Rich in celbioniqu water, it helps a variety of effective components to be absorbed into the skin rapidly.

Moisturizing Signature Tone-Up Cream is a tone-up cream that melts softly on the skin. With its whipped cream texture, the cream contains a lot of moisture, thereby keeping the skin moist, clear, and radiant.
Smoothing Signature Tone-Up Body Cream is a body lotion to improve the skin tone and keep the skin moist. Along with its tone-up effect, the moisture whitening lotion prevents the body from becoming dry.
Dual Effect Signature Tone-Up Capsule Essence is a functional essence to make the skin brighter with its whitening capsule. Its highenriched ampoule supplies more moisture to the skin. Also, it contains elecampane’s extract which functions for brightening and anti-wrinkles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods