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http://korean-products.com/inquiryBlue Gold Co., Ltd. specializes in research, manufacture, and distribution of hydrophilic and hydrophobic technology for self-cleaning. Recognized for its technology in the field, Blue Gold has come second in a start-up competition organized by the Beijing government, first in the Seoul T-Stars 2014, first in the Venture Day at the World Knowledge Forum (WKF), and won the Grand Prize at the Hi-Seoul Good Products Awards.



By coating with super hydrophilic nanoparticles, SuperClear prevents the formation of water droplets and fur on the surfaces of eyeglasses, mirrors, films, and plastics to keep them clean. It is a new type of product using hydrophilic technology instead of hydrophobic. Coating is completed simply by wiping offafter spraying directly on the surface of the object with this mist sprayer type product.
Unlike the super-hydrophilic coating, the closest type of coating, it is convenient to use as no specific application is required. It can also be widely used, from bathroom mirrors to shower booths, aquariums, side windows, and side view mirrors of a vehicle.



With the application of the super-hydrophobic nanoparticle coating to each strand of a fabric and clothing, it prevents the penetration of water and contamination. Designed as an everyday sprayer-type product, hydrophobic power is given simply by spraying it. while preserving the original texture and color of fibers. In addition, TexDry features excellent hydrophobic power compared to existing spray products and is superior in durability of over one year. It is harmless to the human body, for it does not contain perfluoro compounds, and has no unpleasant chemical odor.



By using the super-hydrophilic coating solution for eyeglasses, it prevents fogging on the lenses, thus ensuring visibility at all times. This microfiber type product is easy to use and semi-permanent as it can be used more than 200 times. Unlike pre-existing anti-fog lens-coating agents and cleaners, LOOY works immediately after application in any situation or environment. It is also applicable to a wide range of lens products while causing no damage to the lens.

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