Premium Aloe Vera & Fruit Drink in 1998, Dellos F&B Co., Ltd. manufactures and exports various kinds of fruit juices, functional beverages, and jams. Dellos F&B has built up a solid food distribution network in Western Europe, Oceania, Russia, Middle Asia, and NorthAfrica based on its accumulated experience and technical capabilities, and also advanced into new markets including Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America.
Its products are sold in 40 countries under the brand name, Dellos, and the company is aiming to advance into 80 new markets by 2020, thereby positioning itself as a global brand in 120 countries across the globe. Currently, Dellos F&B is on the journey to becoming a global food company operating in the EU, Asia, Russia, North America, Central and South America, and Africa.


Dellos Fruit Juice Drink

Dellos is a product embodying the love for fruits gifted by nature, and adding “pleasure” to the essential requirements of fruit drinks such as taste, nutrition, and quality of fruits based on the company’s technical expertise. The fruits matured with soft and warm sunlight stay fresh for a long time even in a plastic bottle. To maintain the fruits’ original textures, the fresh grains of fruit are mixed to provide customers with enjoyable drinking experience.
Dellos products are produced under the thorough R&D and quality control with 20 years of know-how and exported to more than 60 countries. Dellos Aloe juice has seven flavors while Dellos fruit juice has 14 different flavors.
Dellos Original Aloe Vera has the two types of a 100% natural premium aloe vera and reasonably priced original aloe vera, which are all the Korean brand and exported to around 40 countries.


Premium Aloe Vera Drink

Premium Mango Tropical Taste has two kinds of natural ingredients and juice-added aloe and a general mango aloe.
Premium Pomegranate is especially good for women and one can between a natural resource and juice-added aloe and a general pomegranate aloe.


Aloe Vera Drink

General rich aloe is especially popular among Chinesespeaking regions. With its fragrant texture, it is widely popular among many customers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods