Skin Care Products 2016, Bio-S Co., Ltd. released a skin toning cosmetics solution based on the new self-created concept of biomimetic water and added ingredients to keep skin temperature low along with glutathione, borfiline, cordyceps, etc. Some of these products contain gold dust to make them more effective for cleansing and wrinkle improvement. Currently, BioSu supplies products to Shinsegae’s Boots Myeongdong as well as several offline stores and online channels. Unlike other cosmetics, Bio-S’s products contain bio-mimic water made from components similar to body fluids instead of purified water.


Bio Gold Skin Essence

Containing biocompatible water, a skin-friendly moisturizing ingredient, it is similar to the moisture that constitutes the skin. So, it is absorbed quickly by the skin and gives deep moisturizing without any feeling of tightness. The luxurious texture of Bio Gold skin Essence containing real gold dust enables a smooth application and provides a refreshing finish with no oiliness. It is available for all ages and all skin types.


Smart Recovery Cream (Botox Cream)

The bourgeirin and adenosine developed by Serderma, a global active ingredient supplier in France, help to improve wrinkles and elasticity in the skin while Niacin amide and algae extracts help to brighten the skin tone. By applying a dual moisturizing system, it provides the best doublemoisturizing effect through the latest DDS technology, and the polymer network forms the moisture supplying membrane, maximizing moisture retention with powerful moisture capturing ability.
Fructan, a high molecular polysaccharide present in natural plants, increases the moisture retention of the skin and the Lotus Flower Callus Extract protects and keeps the skin healthy.


Whitening EX Cream (Glutathione Whitening Cream)

This special care item is a concentrated skin cream that provides a luxurious feel inside and outside of the skin. Its tight and close-to-touch texture offers richness and controls the dry inside of the skin.
The ingredients from seven organic plants grown in the Valais mountains of Switz erland contain a complex that brightens and invigorates the skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods