Bentonite Cat Litter & Cat Sand Co., Ltd. is the largest cat litter manufacturer in Korea. Through its global technology, the company performs the overall process including planning, design, production, and sales. Equipped with sand and production system, AROPET runs its own design laboratory to produce cat sand in high-quality design. The company has pioneered the industry based on its expertise in cat litters accumulated since the beginning of the cat goods market in Korea. AROPET has maintained steady sales growth since its foundation and continues to lead the domestic cat litter industry.
Now AROPET is growing into a leading company of pet supplies and is entering the export market to evolve into a global business.



Dust from cat litter is harmful to both humans and cats. EVERDREAM is thus made of carefully selected highꠓdensity and high-performance sodium bentonite, while 99.9% of the dust is removed by using a special dust cleaning method.


MYSTERY Cat Litter

The raw materials of MYSTERY Cat Litter are shipped from Wyoming, USA seeking a high-quality processing and selection process, thus pursuing the highest-quality for the price. In particular, by classifying and releasing products by rating and function, it allows consumers to purchase suitable products according to their needs and means.



YANGKEE Sand is made of American Bentonite with high-performance by applying Odor Clearer technology to double the deodorant power. The Odor Clearer is a technology to eradicate the bacteria causing the smell of ammonia. It goes beyond the deodorizing effect which was traditionally dependent merely on the fragrance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods