Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Co., Ltd. manufactures and distributes ecoꠓfriendly food packaging products while focusing on continuous research and development. Based on its high brand recognition and product quality, NeWrap offers the best quality products at lower prices in successful strategic alliances with major retailers in Korea.
NeWrap is the first in the industry to obtain SQF certification, approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), and operates as a food and quality management system based on HACCP management standards.


New Eco Wrap

Equipped with a sliding cutter on the wrap case, this product enables convenient and safe wrapping, and users are safe from the risk of injury from metal saw blades. The plastic support is installed inside the case to fix the wrap to ensure stable wrapping. The anti-roll coating on the case prevents the wrap from getting rolled back into the case. Without containing environmental hormones such as bisphenol A, DEHA, DIBP, DBP, and BBP, New Eco Wrap has obtained an Environmental Certificate Label.


New Standing Zipper Bag

This stand-up zipper bag is easy to store upright. By using safe and harmless material that contains no environmental hormones is approved by the U.S. FDA, it can store food such as meat, shellfish, and fruit more freshly and can be both refrigerated and frozen. Thanks to the double zipper that is built up, this stand-up type bag does not collapse even if it is filled with soup or stew. The food can be stored longer and fresher by removing the air from the zipper bag before sealing.


New Eco Roll Bag

This is an oxidative biodegradation product produced by using biomass (wheat) extracted from non-food by-products as raw material. This product does not generate environmental hormones such as bisphenol A and environmental toxic substances. Easy to use and economical, it is also biodegradable and composted in a natural state after disposal, thereby preventing soil pollution and contributing to prevention of global warming and reduction of Co2. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods