Functional Tableware for Babies a precious kid first uses a spoon to eat or drink, they usually have difficulty, for they are awkward with using a spoon.
The conventional kids’ bowls have been nothing other than a smaller version of adult bowls which doesn’t take into consideration kids’ difficulty and inconvenience. Trying to spoon up, a child tends to push a spoon out to one side or press it down hard and release it.
ONE CHILD Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes infant products including baby foods and tableware, seeking to help children all around the world develop the right eating habits and provide them with a comfortable living environment.


One Child Kids Bowl

One Child Kids Bowl is designed for kids who are new to spooning or not used to it. Since the upper part of the bowl is protruded so that children can easily take food with a spoon and prevent food from leaking or overflowing, this baby tableware maintains a sanitary dining environment. The inner surface is inclined so that the food is naturally gathered toward the protrusions. Made of silicone, it does not mess on the floor.


One Child Baby Bowl

One Child Baby Bowl is a snack bowl for babies and children who are first fed baby foods. Like the One Child Kids Bowl, the top of the bowl is projected so that when parents feed their baby, it helps them take an appropriate amount of food in the spoon while preventing food from leaking or overflowing out of the bowl. The bottom surface is concave to prevent the baby food from drying out quickly.
One Child Kids Bowl and One Child Baby Bowl are made of 100% non-toxic silicone material and are safe from environmental hormones and various harmful materials. They have heat resistance from -40 to 250 degrees C and can be used for electric dishwasher and microwave and can be used for refrigerators, freezers, and hot water disinfection can be frozen, hot water, hot water disinfection. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods