Natural Organic Cosmetics its founding 16 years ago, Time System Co., Ltd. has been focusing on its customers and employees, and under its slogan, “change & innovation,” it will realize a better place and society. By strengthening its internal system in the IT field, the vision of Time System Co., Ltd. is to grow as one of the most competitive companies in the IT fields. Its newly established Bio business department can help with understanding a variety of physiological chemistry problems which are based on many diseases related to skin and aging. The company can help its customers to improve their lifestyle by solving physiological problems caused by the development and manufacturing of various applied products.


Pime Remade Ampoule & Pime Remade Mask Pack

Remade ampoule contains natural ingredients good for the skin. Among them, melatin, the main ingredient of bee venom, helps with skin problems and acne. As condensed material from pure nature is used, it promotes skin health and restores its original beauty. Bee venom essence is effective for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes so it helps with soothing skin problems and acne. With purified water minimized, while containing water soluble collagen, it prevents evaporation of moisture and keeps skin moisturized. Lastly, as it contains extracts of propolis along with bee venom, it helps by providing a skin protection screen by caring for the skin and blocking foreign material.
Remade mask pack minimizes stimulation of the skin by using high-quality sheet coated with bio-cellulose and by providing moisture and nutrients with functional essence that keeps skin moisturized and shiny. While purified water is minimized, it is full of collagen. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods