Premium Coffee Beans & Latte Powder People Co., Ltd. specializes in producing premium coffee beans and latter powder with environmentꠓfriendly material based on research and development in its R&D center. It produces about 20 beverage powders along with stalk coffee, which has high competitiveness in taste and quality by using the local organic raw material. It also develops and introduces 4-5 new products each year.
Orange People distributes its products to large franchise retailers, department stores and also exports to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the USA. In particular, it is the first and only company to acquire patents for producing Mascarpone Cheese Powder, Jujube Latte Powder, and Green Tea Latte Powder. With its endless efforts, the company promises to deliver a cup of happiness to you.


Orange People Diet DIY One Day Shake

Among Orange People Diet DIY powders, pouch and bottle types are shake powders that are meant for losing weight. Bodycut comes in five different flavors and is easy to carry around and drink so it is ideal for busy people who are on diet. As it comes in DIY form, consumers can just add some water and shake it anywhere and anytime before consumption. And Orange People powder contains no additives or artificial flavoring so it is considered to be a well-being beverage in the market.

Orange People powder is a convenient meal replacement product that has become popular among busy people who take it as a diet food, or use it as children’s refreshment or simply as a beverage. It is made with essential nutrients to replace a hearty meal and you can get from 80cal to 125cal nutrition based on one pack (30g), depending on the type. It is Orange People’s core technology that provides the optimal flavors by mixing the powders with milk or water. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods