Skin Care Lotion & Cream Green Korea Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and selling professional and high-quality cosmetics since it was established in 2003 as a joint venture between Japan Royal Cosmetics and Korea-Japan. It has been exporting cosmetics containers, cosmetics, and other miscellaneous goods. It is also pioneering the ‘Royal Cosmetic Road’ for the export market to take a leap forward as a global luxury cosmetics company.
It is expanding its exports through certifications by Chinese sanitation, Malaysian sanitation, Halal certification and European certification. In the domestic market, it is strengthening its marketing capabilities through pre and post duty shops and distribution channels. It shares and communicates with society, and continues to value management that is respected and trusted.


Royal Gold EX Cream, EX Lotion, and SS Cream

Royal Gold EX cream is an all-in-one product with combined functions of toner, lotion, essence, cream and scrub products. It is easily absorbed into the skin due to its gel feature. Its special combination of plant extracts and liquefied yeast fermentation of jewels such as gold, diamond, turquoise, and opal gives glossy and elastic skin. A rich amount of moisture and nutrition keeps skin soft and smooth.
Royal EX lotion is the final step that completes the cosmetic royal EX series. It has superior moisturizing effects on rough and dry skin and will create a transparent and moist skin with more elasticity. If you want to see a bit more rapid effect with Royal EX cream, or when you need to focus on moisturizing the skin with special care, you can use Royal EX lotion for more effects.
Royal SS cream gives back natural health and fitness to the tired skin by helping prevent skin damage caused by internal and external factors such as pollution. It will promote the skin’s natural complexion. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods