Various Tea Products[INQ. NO. 1711C05] E-LEstory, specializing in wholesale of fruit and vegetables, processes fresh first-class materials in advanced facilities and standardized systems with simplified complex distribution processes to provide them at a low price. With the aim to help revitalize the vitality and health of busy modern people, the products of E-LEstory are distributed to Lotte Department Store, Post Office Shopping, GS Shop, CJ O Shopping, and AK Mall, etc. in Korea.
E-LEstory’s healthy tea products have simple and luxurious teabox designs, thereby being well-suited to any environment or place. They can also make a nice gift. Unlike other tea bag type products, E-LEstory’s tea is produced by using an advanced roasting technology through the expertise accumulated for eight years, providing the utmost richness of taste.
E-LEstory’s tea products are made of the finest products by carefully selecting the quality of the raw materials. It is easy todrink simply by putting it in a cup, offering a luxurious tea drink anytime and anywhere. In addition, the product’s volume is about double compared to other tea bag type products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods