Water Filter & Purifier

http://korean-products.com/inquirySince its establishment in 2008, UBS INC Co., Ltd. has focused on the development of water treatment products and technologies. Having acquired ISO 9001:2009 / 9001:2008 certifications, the company manufactures quality products under a strict quality control system. It is operating an R&D division to improve the quality and develop products that are currently exported to over 22 countries.


Moolmang EZ Filter System

Moolmang EZ Filter System is a top quality inline water filter system that makes water safer and healthy. With improved taste and greater clarity provided by sediment filter, pre carbon filter, UF filter and post carbon filter, you will find better flavor in foods and beverage when they are made with filtered water.. Also, it is designed to ensure easy (1/4” twist to open/close) and non-slip replacement.


Moolmang Alkaline Water System

Moolmang Alkaline Water System provides Alkaline Reduced Water (ARW) by a unique seven stages filtration system by Multi-functional Sediment Carbon Filter (Sediment Filter GAC), Pre Carbon Filter (GAC+DOLKI Ceramic Ball), UF Filter, and Alkaline Filter (GAC+DOLKI Alkaline ORP Ball). ARW with abundant mineral and active hydrogen is beneficial to the human body and neutralizes the active oxygen which is the cause of diseases.


Moolmang Aqua System

Moolmang Aqua System is an innovative new water filter designed to efficiently extract particles, chemicals, organic matter and other contaminants that affect the water taste and pose risks to people’s health. But, unlike many other filtration systems on the market, Moolmang Aqua System leaves intact the healthy minerals that enrich water naturally, offering superior quality water for healthy hydration. With its efficient three-filter system, Moolmang Aqua System can be installed easily into the existing infrastructure and provides a constant supply of water free of harmful and unpleasant particles as well as odors.

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