Water Volume Hydrogel Mist

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711C15] Even if a person’s skin reveals no obvious elasticity problems at the moment, the skin elasticity structure starts to deteriorate from the 20s.
ARIESYS has thus strengthened functions to help improve skin density and reduce skin stress maintaining the elasticity structure of collagen and elastine inside the skin, Water Volume Hydrogel Mist, a premium Jeju-island aloe and collagen mist is a moisturizing essence mist that protects the skin from dry environments and adds fresh moisture. The hydrogel texture consisting of moisture and collagen is sprayed in the form of ultrafine mist, thoroughly covering all areas. It is absorbed comfortably, creating smooth and vital skin, reducing stress, and providing moisture, elasticity, and vitality for dry and fatigued skin.

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