Korean Traditional Crafts Merging with Modern Lifestyles

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1711C24] Located in Ulsan, a southern port city of Korea, CHAECIE seeks the modern use of Korea’s traditional crafts and designs that are beneficial to people and the environment. Its products are carefully crafted with traditional craft techniques using eco-friendly materials. The traditional craft patterns are produced by using digital designing. CHAECIE aims to contribute to the tradition and development of Korean traditional crafts.
The main products are Mami Coffee Filter and fabrics created based on the Korean traditional motifs. All handcrafted products of CHAECIE are environmentally friendly, safe and semi-permanent thanks to the use of only natural materials. Horsetail and lacquer which are main materials of the product are strong against moisture and insects and are harmless to the human body. Therefore, they have outstanding functionality when used as kitchen utensils and daily necessities. Under the motto of “Learning old things and knowing old things as old ones” and “Making use of life and enriching life,” CHAECIE’s products are 100% handcrafted based on traditional craftsmanship.
Mami Coffee Filter
Mami Coffee Filter is a hand-drip coffee filter that is a representative product of the company. Carefully selected high-quality horsehair is woven with a loom and finished with lacquer. The filter made of natural horsehair passes the oil of graded coffee beans without absorbing it. This way, one can enjoy the original taste and incense of coffee.
In addition, there is no need for a stand or a server to support it, so it is easy to use and easy to clean without any tools. This environmentally friendly hand-drip filter can be used semi-permanently.


Mami Mirror

Mami Mirror is an easy-to-carry hand mirror. With the digital design of Korea’s tale of Mamiche (sieve made of horsehair) to bring good fortune and drive offevil spirits, it is a traditional craft item that can be carried by people of all ages and sexes.
The Mami series can be the best gift to express love and gratitude to family members.


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