Leather Golf Grips

http://korean-products.com/inquiryGrip is the most important consumable for golfers that transmits the golfer’s power and operability to the club. Even by using a quality club, unless a grip performs such function properly, it may significantly affect the player’s performance. Therefore, a grip needs replacement on a regular basis and careful management.



In an effort to prevent missed shots through slippage caused by sweat or moisture, and to maximize the fine touch of a grip without even needing golf gloves, HENDON the leather skin 880 that tackledwater absorption was born. The HENDON, a manufacturer specializing in leather goods, has introduced Leatherskin-880. The product helps to improve the driving distance and direction and can be used by both men and women with its excellent grip.
Through minimized chemical treatments and multiple thermal drying processes, Leatherskin-880’s cowhide has been designed to absorb sweat and moisture quickly without the dye smearing the hands. Leatherskin-880 is hand-made using high-quality leather via over 220 needleworks.


Leather Iron Cover-803

Made of cowhide, Leather Iron Cover-803 is equipped with a removable magnet inside the inner face, eliminating unnecessary waste of time and energy before and after using the club. With the practically minimized volume and size, it allows one to play with the product kept in the pocket while using the club, thus protecting the face of the iron by attaching the iron cover for convenience.
Applied for a utility model in Korea, its one-touch cover is an optimal product with a unique design utilizing magnetic force. Made from domestic natural cowhide, it is an excellent fashion item that makes the club look outstanding, besides just a simple function to enhance the durability and protect the iron head. Founded in 2014, HENDON has been developing and producing brand products for Korea’s leading conglomerates. All of HENDON’s products are handmade via over 100 needleworks from raw hides to finished products within about 15 days, thereby ensuring quality comparable to any luxury goods.

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