PP Strapping Strap

http://korean-products.com/inquiryPACO PACK is a manufacturer of P.P band and automatic packaging machines. Going beyond the concept of producing equipment and bands through automated packaging, the company is producing and supplying products to suit the characteristics and purposes of its clients. The products are exported to New Zealand, the Middle East, and Asia as well as being distributed in the domestic market. They are globally recognized for the supreme quality made possible through strict quality control and management.
PacoPack’s automatic packaging machines are superior to other counterparts with no minor failures, thus enabling the company to build firm relationships with its clients through its product reliability and efficient packaging processes.


Band / Strap

PP strap produced by PACO PACK is made of polypropylene as raw material. It is low in price compared with European counterparts and is globally recognized for its superior quality compared to Chinese and Southeast Asian products.
The cost-saving PP strap, an economical band, is thin and long, making it highly effective in reducing costs. It is highly suitable for high-speed banding machines such as StraPack in Japan and Moska in Germany.
As for Printed Band, it is cable of printing the desired texts such as company name and contacts on various merchandises to provide outstanding promotional benefits to the product.
Heavy Band has a higher tensile strength compared to other P.P bands and can be used when high tensile strength is needed. This product can be used to print the company symbol, logo, telephone number, etc., for advertising and improving the company image.


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