Pregnancy Test Kit its establishment in July 2015, Kanzen Co., Ltd. has been engaged in R&D with next-generation botulinum toxin drugs, ultra-high molecular hyaluronic acid HA, and pruritus treatment pipeline, and also sells veterinary drugs and diagnostic medical devices.
Tricheck is one of the items of diagnostic medical devices.
Ten percent of the general population use a pregnancy test kit and three out of 1,000 users experience erroneous results due to reasons such as high concentration of hCG. In the case of existing pregnancy test kits, the hCG hormone is tested to determine the pregnancy. Two lines appearing on the kit indicate that the user is pregnant whereas one line means non-pregnant. However, if the concentration of hCG hormone is higher than a certain level, the test line may disappear, causing it to be judged as non-pregnant, while in reality, it is reading pregnant. This phenomenon is usually referred to as a “hook effect.”



Tricheck is the world’s first self-pregnancy test kit that completely overcomes the problem of a false negative (error of determining as non-pregnancy even in the case of pregnancy) caused by a high-density hCG in women aged, over 40 years, which has been recognized as the limitation of the existing pregnancy test kits. It adds an additional test line to the existing pregnancy test kit to determine the results with a total of three lines. Depending on the concentration of hCG hormone in the urine, the additional test line color will be displayed differently. Even if hCG hormone is high, pregnancy can be judged accurately and quickly.
Tricheck is a next-generation product that detects hCG hormone up to 25mlU/mL within five minutes and enables early detection of premature pregnancy and accurate identification for women with irregular menstruation. It has received the 111th New Excellent Technology (NET) Certificate from the Korean Ministry of Health & Welfare and won the IR52 Jang Young Shil Award in August 2017. Tricheck’s competitive immunoassay method enables quantitative determination of the hCG concentration, that it helps to diagnose the case of an ectopic pregnancy that can be missed by ultrasound. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods