Wrap Dispenser

http://korean-products.com/inquiryNowadays, logistics is fully automated, and all goods are placed on pallets and wrapped with stretch wrap. However, due to the pre-activity before parcels are shipped, the onsite wrapping process is severely out-of-date. Workers who are engaged in wrapping all day complain about dizziness, backache, or inconvenience caused by uncomfortable and inefficient wrapping processes.



WrapRod, produced by Tae Gyeong M&T Co., Ltd., is a stick-type manual wrapping tool to maximize convenience by simplifying the operating principle. Its convenient wrapping mechanism and bearing structure help to smoothly unwrap and the center knob exerts tension so that the wrapping process is not affected by the height and there is no burden on the worker’s body.
This product is designed so that workers need not bend their back and knees or struggle to stretch their arms while wrapping low or high parts. It enables workers to wrap the goods loaded on a pallet without any pain in their back. In addition, the stretch film can be replaced easily.
Patented and applied for PCT, WrapRod will make logistics and material processing handling more convenient and safer. WrapRod can also reduce wrapping costs due to its efficient functionality. It firmly holds stretch wrap tightly in order to attach it to the surface of objects. This reduces the amount of stretch wrap used, and as a result, is economically beneficial.
Since its founding in 1990, Tae Gyeong M&T specializes in logistics and material handling, thriving in the materials and distribution markets for over 25 years.

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