Baby Playroom Mat[INQ. NO. 1712C03] Arendel Co., Ltd., a global baby products company, is already loved by Korean consumers for its sensuous design and excellent quality. It sells only the products that have passed the safety standards and inspection tests meeting international standards. The company’s own baby mat brand Mirabel is exported to Southeast Asia including Singapore and Thailand, as well as to Canada, and the USA. Manufactured through Arendel’s 100% domestic technology and production system, Mirabel is differentiated from low priced mats in the market.
Mirabel Playroom Mat series is made of PU material which does not generate nontoxic and harmful substances and has improved impact absorption, and insulation. In addition, the hygiene level has been increased so that foreign matter does not penetrate easily into the mat. And its soft touch is suitable for use by a baby.
By applying state-of-the-art information and communication technology (ICT), it offers a combination of play and learning effects. When a magic box provided with Mat is placed on a smartphone with the exclusive application installed and running, an animated character appears as a stereoscopic image. At the same time, an audio explanation is provided on the world cultural heritages together with a hologram. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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