Baby Chairs[INQ. NO. 1712C12] Established in 2012, Smart Brain Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of baby goods, producing a flagship baby product brand, BONBEBE Premium Jumbo Baby Seat.
BONBEBE Premium Jumbo Baby Seat is an exclusive chair for infants to toddlers as old as five and can be used with for a long time. Made of FDA approved genomic antibacterial agent, it is hygienic and safe. Equipped with a specially designed PU food tray, it can also be used for children who start baby food.
BONBEBE Premium Jumbo Baby Seat is hygienic and safe to use with 99% antibacterial treatment using FOMA approved genomic antibacterial agent. In particular, with the food tray guard as high as 4.3cm, it prevents bowls or cups from falling off the chair.
For babies around 70 days especially who can’t support their head, you can give a ramp on the chair by putting two wheels on the cart, so that babies can lean on the chair comfortably. For babies over four months old, 4-wheel products are available, allowing it to move in any direction as wanted without making noise and floor scratches. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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