Compress Packs for Various Purposes[INQ. NO. 1712C08] LAON H & C Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing of baby products. The entire process including designing, planning, and production is carried out in Korea. The products of LAON H&C are exported to China, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
Fingerlest Breastmilk Bag- BALEY is a storage pack that allows you to freeze breast milk and store it safely for an extended period of time. Fingerrest, a patent-pending function, allows breast milk to be packed easily and safely, and it is convenient to pour breast milk into a baby bottle with its easy cut and easy pour function.
New Powder Milk Bag-BALEY allows one to store milk powder as much as one breast feed. The easy cutting function makes it easy to use and keeps mother’s bag light when going out.
Clothes Compress Bag- BALEY is a compact storage pack for garments, securing space and keeping it hygienic against moisture and pests.
Bedding Compress Bag-BALEY is a compress storage pack for bulky blankets and garments, providing space and keeping it hygienic against moisture and pests. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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