Cushion Baby Bathtub[INQ. NO. 1712C09] Established in 2011, LeeSaem International is a baby product manufacturer. Its main products include Sobble, a cushion bathtub, Funnylon, a PE play mat, Pogmang, a 3D mesh stroller seat, mats, and pillows. LeeSaem International is currently exporting to more than 35 countries.
Sobble Cushion Baby Bath Tub is a world-first innovative item with its unique features. Even when dropping a raw egg from two meters above the bathtub, it never breaks due to its outstanding cushioning just like marshmallow softness. Moreover, it retains warmth three times longer than normal bathtubs with its excellent heat retention material. Made of medical grade Polyurethane material, all the products have obtained the Korea Certification (KC) mark. Ergonomically designed just like a mom’s embrace, it provides babies with the most comfortable and stable feel and comfortable bath position preventing them from being suffocated while bathing. In addition, the automatic color changing thermal indicator ensures the ideal temperature for the baby. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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