Folding Play Mats[INQ. NO. 1712C07] J.J Company is a company specializing in the manufacturing of ecofriendly playroom mats for babies. Made of high-quality and safe PU leather, all its products are handmade to ensure that the quality and safety is not compromised.
Foldaway is a reliable product made by craftsmen only with carefully selected ecofriendly material materials certified by LOHAS. The interior material is air shell foam with an excellent resilience and impact absorption, whereas the exterior material is made of compact skin fabric, thus being non-slippery and durable. Since the surface is very soft, it can be washed in a washing machine after removing the cover.
Also made of a compression-strengthened interior material, Foldaway is a silent mat that is excellent for preventing interlayer noise and has excellent elastic restoring force even when children jump or run on it. In particular, Foldaway Folding Mats feature high utilization for they are free to be used in any space. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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