Healthful Fruit-Based Food Products island of Jeju, Korea is the only region in the world that has been recognized as UNESCO’s three natural science areas including Biosphere Reserve in 2002, World Natural Heritage in 2007, and World Geology Park in 2010. In addition, Jeju offers all the themes of the world’s natural landscape (islands, volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, national parks, caves, and forests). Dubler Co., Ltd is developing and producing various quality food products using carefully selected fruits and vegetables grown on the clean island of Jeju.
Jeju Damum is a healthy food brand heartily made from clean materials grown in clean Jeju to contain the true taste and scent of Jeju.


Jeju Damum Honey Tea

Honey Tea is a delicious high-quality tea which contains a large quantity of Hallabong -Hallabong oranges, a specialty of Jeju Island, Omija – also called magnolia berry or fiveflavor-fruit, and green mandarin along with high-quality honey of Jeju. The Sweet Honey Tea filled with the taste and scent of Jeju is delicious even when consumed cold.


Jeju Damum Fruits Jam

Fruits Jam has selected only the well-ripened red kiwi and fig grown in clean Jeju along with high-quality honey of Jeju to be filled with taste and nutrition as they are. The Fruits Jam with plenty of high-quality honey and fruits is delicious to eat using various methods


Jeju Damum Beetroot Juice & Dry Beetroot

This is made from carefully selected fresh beet grown in clean Jeju. The beetroot with unique sweet taste and chewing texture along with the distinctive feature of clear dark red is good for anemia.


Jeju Damum Cactus Juice

Made from cactus that contains plenty of vitamins and a large quantity of fiber, it is excellent for discharging the toxins inside the body. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods