Innovative Baby Products Capturing Global Consumers’ Attention[INQ. NO. 1712C13] Cimilre Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures, and exports baby products. Since starting business with the vision of “Pursuing the Happiness of Mothers And Babies,” the company has been able to produce products that anyone can trust and use safely.
Cimilre’s CEO Kim Sang-ha had been involved in research and development of home appliances for six years at the R&D department of Samsung Electronics. Based on this career background and understanding of the maternal care gained while operating the postpartum care center, he attracted the attention of consumers by introducing products focused on essential functions and performance. Recognizing the potential of the baby products market that is growing worldwide, he co-founded Uzinmedicare (Spectra), a baby products manufacturer, and served as Chief Technology officer (CTO) for 16 years.
Separated as a corporation in 2015, Cimilre has invested heavily in developing products with unique features representing the company while expanding its own R&D product line. As a result, Cimilre has introduced a series of electric breast pumps, a UV bottle sterilizer, a combo series combining breast pump and UV sterilizer, a hands-free breast shield, etc. In particular, the internationally patentedcombo series and Hands-Free breast shield are Cimilre’s flagship products that represent Cimilre’s exclusive technologies. In addition, the products of Cimilre have been certified by KFDA and KFDA in 2017 as well as KFDA, KC, ISO 13485, CE, FCC, etc. earlier.
Cimilre S3, an electric breast pump, is the company’s representative product with the suction breast pressure divided into twelve levels so that the user can control and adjust the pressure to their preferred settings. The massage function prevents mastitis and helps increase the amount of breastmilk flow.
Developed with a focus on portability, Cimilre F1 is an electric breastfeeding device with a built-in rechargeable battery. It is lightweight at 247g and compact to hold in one hand, making it possible for mothers to breastfeed anytime and anywhere.

CW-T300 and CU-T300, UV Bottle Sterilizers, are designed for flawless drying and disinfection. It provides 99.9% effective sterilization and has reflective walls that allow surround sterilization effect.
The Combo series is made by using Cimilre’s exclusive patented technology combining a breast pump and a UV bottle sterilizer. It offers the merits of separate products to consumers at affordable prices.
The Hands-Free Breast Shield Kit is designed to be used freely without holding the flange with hands through the uniquely designed system that allows the shields to become fixed onto the undergarment, allowing the free use of one’s hands while expressing breastmilk. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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