Innovative Sunglasses Frames its founding in 2001, MENA Glocal has been engaged in a variety of businesses in the Middle East, including the supply of medical and physiotherapy devices and wallpaper. In 2017, the company introduced its own brand TARA to the Middle East market where the demand for sunglasses is high due to the strong year-round sunlight.
Sado Park, CEO of MENA Glocal first wore spectacles when he was 13 years old but then 15 years later got his first pair of sunglasses. During all those years living in a very hot and sunny place, he longed to wear fashionable sunglasses but could not do so, since he wore regular glasses. The only option available for him was wearing a one-size-fits-all, ugly, low-quality clip-ons that his father had.
With full understanding of the frustration of the others who may have already tried on light-adaptive lenses, prescription sunglasses, and even contact lenses just to wear sunglasses, Park developed SNAP SHADES ™ for them. Now, anyone can wear sunglasses together with regular glasses without sacrificing one’s style, creativity, or momentum. “If only had I this option back when I was 13!” sighed Park.


TARA Snap Shades ™

The Snap Shades ™ is a patented clip-type eyewear that magnetically snaps onto the glasses frame, latches on the nose bridge, and covers the entire top of your glasses frame, making it seamless. It is the one and only eyewear that is perfect both for sunglasses and regular glasses.
With Snap Shades™ you no longer have to choose one set of prescription sunglasses to match every occasion. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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