Natural Calcium Handmade Soap MediCore Co. specializes in producing healthcare products. The company also markets other excellent Korean products including cosmetics, beauty devices, hospital goods, as well as medical tourism to companies overseas.


Natural Calcium Premium Handmade Soap

This product is made by a combination of traditional pearl scallow and more than 16 natural vegetable raw materials and by using the Korean traditional method of lukewarm heating, maintaining the temperature evenly, and long-term fermentation. It removes the contaminants in the skin and has excellent antimicrobial and anti-acne effects. In particular, it helps to control acne and help aging skin become smooth and healthy.
The natural calcium mineral scallow turns skin tone to bright and clear, removes contaminants in the skin, and helps to take makeup well. Natural Calcium Premium Handmade Soap eliminates 99% of the odor-causing bacteria, rids the body of sweaty odor, and preserves the calcium minerals on the skin to maintain a continuous skin improvement effect. This alkali soap has detox effects on tired skin, improves the fine wrinkles, and minimizes skin irritation. It also helps prevent aging as well as eliminating black spots due to aging. There is no need for use of cleansing foam separately.
When rubbed gently on the face, the smooth foam will wrap the face without flowing down. Keep as it is for a while and then wash the foam with water to experience the cleansing effect of removing the bad substances from other cosmetics.


Ice Fire

This eco-friendly liquid spray fire extinguisher is designed to overcome the limitations of powder fire extinguishers and sprinklers. It is quicker to respond to a fire. Made in an aerosol type, it can be used easily by children and elderly people. There is also no risk of freezing. Ice Fire is used for fire in A, B, K class for it has a long range, and as a liquid type, it is easy to secure visibility. The post-treatment is also simply done by cleaning with a wet-cloth.
Having obtained Green Certification and CE certification, Ice Fire is the only TUV-SUD certified in the world and Korea’s first 100% eco-friendly product as such containing no pollutants. In addition, there are no side effects such as lubrication or corrosion of the liquid contents. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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