Self-Heating Food Packaging & Foods Co., Ltd. specializes in developing selfheating food packaging that is harmless to the human body and convenient, and in manufacturing ready-to-eat foods, and hot-boiled ready-to-eat foods that can be enjoyed outdoors. It also develops combat rations and relief foods for disaster victims.
Having signed an export MOU with Australian and Italian companies, HonestFood maintains close communication with various foreign buyers through participation in exhibitions worldwide. It is currently in the process of establishing a branch in the USA and entering the Wal-Mart distribution network with supply contracts with five vendors of Walmart and Sam’s Club in preparation.



YABUL COOK is self-heating food packaging that allows you to enjoy porridges, ramen, soups, etc. instantly without any cooking utensils anytime and anywhere. Made of eco-friendly LOHAS material harmless to the human body, the built-in self-heating agent can be used without any concern for safety even at temperatures of up to 97 degrees C. The entire product including the lid is made of silicone and can be stored by rolling it into the size of a fist to maximize portability. In addition, designed to relieve pressure, YABUL COOK is free from the risk of explosion and burns and also is highly cost-effective for manufacturing.




HonestFood’s YABUL series is an instant food that can be enjoyed warm just by using cold water without special cooking tools within ten minutes after pouring cold water into the heating agent. This product meets the steadily increasing needs for safety, convenience, promptness, and practicality for outdoor activities such as travel, camping and for disaster preparedness. Currently, HonestFood has four kinds of products including VeggieRed Pepper Paste Bibimbap, Curry Flavored Bibimbap, Seafood Jjampong Ramen, and Jjajang Bibim Rice & Noodle. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods