Creative Coffee-Cup Lid

Creative Coffee-Cup Lid[INQ. NO. 1801C03] JangDY, a household goods manufacturer, produces Human Lid, a take-out coffee cup lid based on the concept of “Kiss with Coffee.” Human Lid has been developed in collaboration with the German brand PAPERWOLF. This product has a three-dimensional face shape and engraved with “Hot from Heart,” distinguishing itself from other coffee lid products.
Human Lid’s mass-produced model has been introduced before its official launch via Design Boom, Yanko Design under the name, Human Lid or Obama Lid. Promotion of Human Lid is sought in tandem with the UNHATE movement against discrimination and hatred.

Jang Woo-seok, CEO of JangDY, the second graduate from the Youth Startup Academy run by the Small & Medium Business Corporation (SBC), says, “Since introducing the concept of a kiss while drinking coffee, it has sparked consumers’ curiosity in many countries. Just as Starbucks sells a lifestyle, we seek to sell imagination with this product.” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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