Flower Garden Bedding Set

https://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1801C08] Founded in 1995, Dae Chang Trading Co., Ltd. launched the new bedding brand, SNOOZZ in 2016. Unlike its counterparts, the company produces and processes its own fabrics to offer the best bedding products at the lowest prices in order to increase the satisfaction of customers. Every season, the brand releases various high-quality new products through various patterns and product development. Believing that a good sleep can ensure energy during a long and wearisome day, Dae Chang Trading seeks to provide its customers with a comfortable sleep for them to start a vibrant day. The micro nano fiber, as thin as 1/100 of a hair, is micro-fabrics made of dense mink material with a well-padded napping feel and has excellent thermal insulation and less hair loss. Its silky softness and smooth touch like mink give the impression of a more elastic feel when it is touched by the body allowing one to stay warm for a long time.

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