Rabbit Design Tea Bag

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1801C12] In 2013, GONGDREEN’s design project began with the idea that how fun it would be to transform the emotional sensations from fine art into the actual life. GONGDREEN develops the products useful life along with cutting-edge designs every year and participates in overseas exhibitions to promote the brand around the world. Today, GONGDREEN’s products are available in more than ten countries around the world. GONGDREEN seeks to create stories that can bring warmth to the entire world.
In our busy daily lives, it’s not a simple thing to share a cup of tea with friends. GONGDREEN has produced a tea bag that will bring some stories to our lives, allowing to share little warmth in life! Invite these lovely animal friends to your teatime! A cup of tea with them will bring you a smile and rest. Used tea tags can be a fine bookmark. Enjoy your tea time with GONGDREEN.

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