Non-Powered Resonance Speaker

Non-Powered Resonance Speaker[INQ. NO. 1801C19] PODIUM has been devoted to producing unique products and leading new design trends under the motto, “Creative and Good Design Products, Systematic Approach through the Best Goods.” Since 1969, the company grew as a coffee specialist by using cutting-edge technologies and materials from highly qualified merchants based on its abundant expertise.
Podium Coffee Platinum, a non-powered resonance speaker, provides differentiated design compared with Podium’s original wooden package. Platinum is the smallest package of Podium Coffee containing only two bottles of single origin coffee. To keep our design concept of using the case as a mobile phone speaker, the platinum case is made out of extruded aluminum(metal-sounds more high pitched and resonant than wood made) to amplify the sound despite its small size.
Podium Coffee Platinum is produced in a specially designed clean room with lower than 10% humidity and C02 level of less than 400PPM, the world’s first to adopt a pharmaceutical facility system to deliver the taste and aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. The bottom case is to play music on the phone and by putting it in the filter hole, one can enjoy a deeper and richer sound. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods