Silicone Feeding Bottle

Silicone Feeding Bottle[INQ. NO. 1801C21] Sillymann Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to manufacturing silicone products including home supplies as well as industrial and medical components – directly managing the entire process ranging from planning to development, manufacturing, and logistics.
Sillymann seeks to create a world with affluent, convenient, safe and curiosity-stimulating playgrounds by using silicone as future material, under the motto “Change the World through Think-Out-of-the Box Ideas.”
Sillymann Silicone Feeding Bottle is a fashionable color bottle made of platinum silicone with soft texture. Babies feel comfortable using the silicone feeding bottle for it is as soft as a mother’s breast. The two anti-colic air holes can prevent abdominal pain, otitis media, and hiccupping. The bottle stopper can be a hygienic storage on the outside. With excellent heat resistance of -40 to 250 degrees C, this product is safe in boiling temperature. The embossed bottom prevents slip and the PCT (Tritan) case allows one to easily carry the feeding bottle. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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