Premium Pleats Brand

Premium Pleats Brand[INQ. NO. 1802C31] Founded in 2017, Daon-Korea specializes in high-grade pleats clothing, producing comfortable products in practical designs under its own production system.
Pleats-wal, a premium pleats clothing brand in comfortable and practical designs, is aimed at women aged between 30 and 60 years and features designs that are not burdensome for everyday life.
In order to improve competitiveness in the pleats industry that already has a wide market and for the public to easily access pleats which has elegance and practical charm, Pleats-wal offers easy-to-access designs satisfying a variety of lifestyles under the slogan “Moderate Elegance and Sophisticated Luxury in Everyday Life.”

Premium Pleats Brand
Targeting middle-aged women, Pleats-wal is widely loved by customers for its comfort, lightness, and luxurious designs as it can be worn freely in everyday life.

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