Attachable Anti-Snow Tire Patch

Attachable Anti-Snow Tire Patch[INQ. NO. 1802C42] Snow Bear Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of anti-slip products for automobiles producing Snowpath, an attachable snow patch designed to solve the inconvenience of the conventional snow chains with high cost and low efficiency and to protect the driver in emergency situations. The company has obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Snowpath is an eye-catching device that prevents slip and increases braking force by increasing frictional force with the ground when attached to the ground surface of tires before the snow starts in winter. Tested for winter driving performance in TESTWORLD, Finland, it is recognized worldwide for its excellent quality at a reasonable price.
Anyone can easily mount it in five minutes and it features zero electronic device interference such as ABS and TCS and can be used for all kinds of vehicles, ensuring a smooth ride. It can also be attached at minus 20 degrees C.
Snow polymer pad and grip enhancing additives, as well as a specially designed pattern provides effective traction in snow or slopes. This patented product won the Grand Prize in the Life Sector in Korea’s Outstanding Patent Award in 2015. Snowpath was also introduced by TV programs of the SBS and TV Chosun as an innovative product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods