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March 19, 2018

Seal Units[INQ. NO. 1803M03] Seal units are used in semiconductor frontend process and petrochemical fields – especially, large OLED devices, CMP devices in semiconductors and reactors, and mixers in petrochemicals. It plays a critical role in this field.
Seal units are divided into two categories of mechanical seals and magnetic seals. These can be applied to different fields. Mechanical seals are used in pressured conditions and usually are applied in the petrochemical industry and must be used with a lubricant supply system. Magnetic seals, on the other hand, are used in vacuumed conditions based on ferrofluids. They are usually applied to semiconductor industries that use vacuum seals a lot. For this reason, seal (feedthrough) manufacturers generally target just one field, petrochemicals or semiconductors.
Sealink’s seal, however, can use both fields and make up for the weak points of mechanical seals and magnetic seals. Sealink has various kinds of seal units, with rotary & linear feedthrough among the most prominent items. There are rotary feedthroughs in the market, and these can just rotate. Therefore metal bellows should be used if the customer wants rotation and linear motion. Sealink products, however, are very simple and compact. It can do all this at the same time with just one unit.
Sealink offers customized sealing units to meet customers’ application requirements as well as standard sealing units for a wide range of industries including semiconductor, LCD and OLED industries, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries, etc.
All its products are manufactured under strict quality control and in ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facilities in Korea, and Sealink is committed to continue improving its products and technology for further customer satisfaction.
Sealink Corp. was founded in March 2014, and has since then been expertly developing and designing sealing solutions for vacuum and pressure. It supplies mechanical seal units, rotary unions to petrochemical, semiconductor, steel, heavy industry, etc.
Sealink founder Rhee Hee Jang explains, “I founded the company and I was on a roll based on experience of working at small-medium research as a researcher and an employee. There, however, were some problems so I closed down the business. Then in 2013, I got new knowledge and inspiration for restarting the business.” Taking this opportunity, he succeeded in taking on new challenges in 2014.
Although Sealink was founded not too long ago, CEO Rhee has been in the seal field over 30 years and he improved the technology, supplying the Samsung mass production line and Intel U.S.A. Also he achieved recognition of Sealink’s potential from POSCO Capital, Samsung Venture Investment, Rechallenge Angel No.1 Fund, and Industrial bank of Korea by getting new investments. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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