Innovative Wall Rack

Innovative Wall Rack[INQ. NO. 1804C03] Founded in 1997, Artsign Co., Ltd. produces small-sized signboards, POP displays, office supplies, and daily goods. The company has established a foothold for the specialization and popularization of signboards, taking the first place in the industry and leading the overall market trends. Artsign supplies its self-manufactured products through online and offline networks such as regional sales offices, franchises, exclusive sales offices and is actively engaged in overseas market development.
Artsign PEGBO, an idea storage board that can be used both as storage and interior props that can hold various objects on the perforated board. It is an excellent product for the decoration of spaces as well as a storage solution to neatly hang and store a variety of items or to create stylish displays.
It can be used as desired regardless of the shape and size by connecting the perforated plate. Various tools for attachment are available, such as rings, bolts, and magnets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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