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http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1805M24] Power Plaza has recently presented Starex EV, the first electric van developed in Korea. It is the company’s third model following the 0.5-ton electric truck and 1-ton electric truck developed earlier. After this success, Power Plaza is determined to actively promote the improvement of the school environment for children, students, and drivers who use shuttle buses while being exposed to environmental pollution such as exhaust gas and fine dust through various campaigns on school safety.
Peach Starex, a multi-passenger electric shuttle bus developed by the Power Plaza, is produced by removing the internal combustion engine such as engine and gas tanks from Hyundai Starex, a van currently produced in Korea and installing a battery pack and a motor of about 40kWh. This modified electric van is designed to charge within two hours and travel more than 100Km on one charge through a built-in induction motor, inverter with maximum output 60kW, and battery charger for AC3 type-ll. This successful conversion of a 12-passenger van to an electric van opened up possibilities of a new era of multi-passenger vans.
Chang-Soo Ho, Managing Director of Power Plaza, explained, “Modified electric vehicles are beneficial in the way that an existing car can be switched to an electric car with excellent economic efficiency. So they are becoming increasingly popular in advanced countries.” He added that the company plans to produce modified electric trucks for kindergartens and educational institutions and to penetrate the electric car platform market.
Established in 1993, Power Plaza declared its eco-friendly management policy in 2007 and has been developing electric car parts based on its accumulated technologies for electrical power and electronics. It is the first Korean company to develop a freight car in 2015 and has further introduced electric vans to the market.

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