Pet Dryer

Pet Dryer[INQ. NO. 1806C01] First Pet Dryer, produced by UDP KOREA, a reputable manufacturer of pet supplies, is a pet-only product to dry pets after bathing. Drying a pet at home is not only stressful for the pet but can also be a difficult process for its owners. Generally at home, a hair dryer is used to dry pet’s hair. However, a hair dryer gives discomfort to a pet due to the high noise level and heat.
First Pet Dryer is a low noise (60 dB) product developed to provide convenience to pet owners, giving no stress and anxiety to a pet. While drying, the pet can see the owner inside the transparent kennel encouraging communication between the owners and their pets. The kennel can be easily folded and stored.
In addition to the drying function, it is equipped with an antimicrobial function using negative ions, focusing on caring for the pets follicles. The kennel can be used as a pet house at home, a drying kit when driving, as well as a drying room. It is also designed to be lightweight for enhanced portability for camping and other outdoor activities. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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